Logo & Motto


  • The globe drawn in graphic art : Symbolises the universal family of man (The colour blue is usually associated with love)
  • A pair of hands in an open gesture to the right and to the left of the globe drawn in graphic art symbolises :the quest for guidance from Allah The Most Merciful;
    the hands that treat.,
    the touch of mercy,
    for all mankind.
    (The colour blue is usually associated with love)
  • A red crescent drawn in graphic art :
    The Islamic symbol for international medical services.
  • PPIM :
    Stands for “Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia”.
  • 1990 :
    The year of formation of the Association.
  • Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia
    The name of the Association encircles the whole emblem.


    The motto of the Association is “Al-Hidayah, Al-Shifa’, Al-Rahmah“. 
    (Guidance/Healing/Mercy: Petunjuk/Penawar/Rahmat).

    Sumber: IMAM Malaysia

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