Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt everyone.

If we talk about any sounds from cardiovascular system (CVS), what will comes to our mind right now? Yes, first, second, third …and so on. But do we really know and understand by heart what they really are? (Unfortunately even the writer is slightly blurred about this topic...) But thanks to our sister from 6th year, she is really keen to help us in this topic (and perhaps in other topics too) and provides us some diagrams in a better understanding about the pathophysiology of CVS sound. I hope these might help us and please share them with the others too.

CVS sound (download)

p/s: there are some missing words in some these are the words according to the pictures:

Pic 1 : usually found in pathological condition

Pic 4 : short P-R interval

Pic 9 : inspiration (no splitting) expiration-splitting 

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