Saturday, 5 November 2011

Aidil Adha : Celebration of Total Submission

Praise be to Allah SWT, Lord of The Universe, for all His blessings, now and upcoming.

Starting after dawn of 9 Zulhijjah until Asr of 13 Zulhijjah (3rd Day of Eid Adha) , we expect to hear the Glorious Takbir all over the world, gracefully celebrating one of the biggest event in Islam.

The best day  in the world is the ten day" (Reported by al-Bazzar, authenticated by Al Albani)
In my early childhood,  my very own definition of “best” days, regularly subjected to what kind of food is served, and the people around me whom I can joyously enjoy those food with (sadly part of this still continues until now, subconsciously perhaps ).  I seriously hope that this shallow definition of mine is maturing as time goes by.

The legendary story of Ibrahim Alaihissalam (PBUH) willingness to even sacrifice his own son, in the name of submitting to Allah Azzawajjala’s revelation, actually has a profound message to be conveyed, submission, a TOTAL ONE indeed. This total submission is then ornately emphasized with all the takbirs, by which nothing is justified but the Magnificence of Allah SWT as the ONLY entity to seek help, guidance, and surrender to. How wonderful and deeply meaningful is that? But should this wonder end at the tip of our tongue?

This total submission can be viewed in 2 perspectives, one is on how strongly and urgently should we strive in fulfilling our duty as Allah’s servant, and on the other hand on the broad spectrum of task that must be fulfilled, as Islam really covers the entirety well being of life. Can we imagine of Ibrahim Alaihissalam working had on his daawah career , but when it comes to certain orders or sacrifice, he just take a break and “chill down”? Or Muhammad PBUH being a lousy husband or friend, in the same time preaching the goodness of Islam?

If we narrow this down to our life as student, our context of submission is inevitably connected to how we handle our student’s life. Here a few things recommended from so many aspects encompass us:
1.       To be really responsible of our academic duty :- Known to many, we are in serious need to prove something out of our qualifications, especially when last year’s reported statistic saying patients-doctors ration in 2010, is 1:904 , really not far from WHO’s requirement of 1:600 (this one is for developed countries) . Promising career ? Perhaps we are entering the competition town rather than a calm peace privileged area.
2.      To strengthened our understandings of the deen, and revitalize the practice :- Being in this swamps of adulterated ideology, it is best for us to keep holding to the actual practice of Islam, and to cultivate this ideas in our life and others.  And be noted that this understandings and revitalization can never be achieved by regular prayers and knowledge that we had and left abandon for so long, it needs to be rejuvenated with discussions, talks and eventually incorporated part by parts into reality. As some said, if it is not new (read : revitalize) it is through!!
3.       To be connected and good to others :- Medical student always being reputed to be good, intelligent students, but in the midst of compliments, some said not socially smart. We Muslims have suffer from so many conspicuous misunderstandings, we can’t afford to have our future professionals to bring another stereotype into this. Therefore, build connections, make friends, behave well and mature , speak good things, (even on internet) and make duaa to Allah SWT to make us a better person , and also better looking person , everyday. =) I am really glad of  the appearance of FB AZAM Russia recently as a platform for us to connect, be attentive and aware of the well being of our brothers and sisters, breaking all the unnecessary boundaries among us.

My dear brothers and sisters,
This celebration is nothing but a call for a reform, in the way we submit to God, from casual and inconsistent way, to a total one. One that can definitely answer what Allah SWT said ,

What! did you then think that We had created you in vain and that you shall not be returned to Us?” (23:115)

Totality !! 

On behalf of all PPIM/IMAM Committee Members 2011/2013, we wish you
Kullu a’am wa antum bikhairin.

Akhukum fillah,
Chairman of PPIM/IMAM RSC-Moscow 2011/2013

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