Sunday, 6 November 2011

Medical Workshop: Physical Examinations for Dummies

On the 30th October of 2011, an event Medical Workshop: PE for Dummies was held at the Universitetskaya Hotel, hosted by IMAM Moscow Student Chapter of 2011/2013.  It was held from 10.00am to 3.00pm, opened to all medical students in Moscow who are in their clinical course.

This program was subjected to the IMAM MSC mission to commence and provide necessary knowledge of the medical field and medical understanding in Islam to all members. It was focused on giving the medical students the exposure that they need to the medical managing system and physical examination skills enlisted by the Malaysian government hospitals. A total of 70 joined the program and 6 incorporative Consultant of Presenting Committee was chosen.

An opening speech was given by the Program Manager, Mr. Ilham bin Muntari, followed by the President of IMAM Moscow Student Chapter of 2011/2013, Mr. Mohd Hazrul Hazwan bin Badrul Hisham.

The first session was started off with Ms. Fauziana Abd Jabar, 6th year student with the topic ‘General History Taking’. Followed by inauguration course of specific human systems, ‘Cardiovascular system’, presented Ms. Farrah Aimi Muhamad and Mr. Jazlan bin Jamalludin.

At 12.30 pm, the session was paused for 30 minutes for a small session of discussion and refreshments. The second session started at 1.00pm with the ‘Respiratory System’, presented by Mrs Ainal Faezah binti Mohd Mustafa and MR. Hazwan Zharif bin Hosen. The last session; ‘Gastrointestinal System’ presented by Ms. Farah Nasuha Mohd Daut and Mr. Muhamed Hadry Ahmad.

Simulations were done on volunteers to demonstrate thorough physical examination. In addition, PowerPoint presentations, hand-out guides and a live-recording camera were provided to ensure full attention and a positive atmosphere to study. Basic managements and differential diagnoses were also included in the discussion, subjects to consider.

The organizing committee aimed in assisting and alleviating the learning process for medical students in Moscow, especially in familiarizing and revising the methods of physical examination of physiological and pathological findings, practiced by the Malaysian hospitals.

With much appreciation to the hard works of the Presenting Committee and its Consultants, to the members of the organizing committee, and to all those attended the program, we like to express our gratitude in having the outmost pleasure of their participation in this accomplished event.

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